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Rahob Tulku, Thupten Kalsang Rinpoche

Rahob Rinpoche began his career as the reincarnated head of Rahob Monastery in Tibet at the age of three. His lifetime dedication in helping others is inspiring to all of us. He graciously offers his knowledge and exuberance for life. Rahob Dharma Center in Upstate New York in the Berkshires has cultural, religious, and practical practice for cultivating the mind. Enjoy, learn and bring home knowledge on Mindfulness, Self-improvement, Healing Habitual Patterns, Mind Training, Reducing Stress, Anger and Fear and nurture the way we live.

Rahob Dharma Center:

18 Hewitt Road,

Petersburg, New York.

(Hewitt Road is the first left going south on Rt. 22 after junction 2/22 in Petersburgh, New Your.)


Retreats, Meditation and Lectures



Rahob Retreat

1st Weekend in May and October         

Contact Rahob@hotmail.com for reservations

Meditation Teaching

Every 1st Sunday 11am-Noon

Dharma Lecture

Every 3rd Saturday 11am - 1pm

Vegetarian Lunch at Noon







January (3rd Saturday)

Six Perfections  “Clearing Mind/ Healing Spirit” Rahob Rinpoche reminds us that this is the best time for making resolutions to work in clarifying one’s specific practices for the right direction. His teachings will cover the ten virtuous actions and six perfection including excerpts of his booklet “Paramitas”.


February (3rd Saturday)

Stages of Meditation

Rahob Rinpoche welcomes newcomers and experienced meditation practitioners alike to come learn about stages of meditation, development of the mind and healing.


March (3rd Saturday)

Settling the Mind

By settling the mind, we view its nature and experience the world without habitual patterns and conceptual filters. Learn the steps in focusing on mindfulness and develop our unconditional nature of innate goodness. 










"Do good, avoid evil, purify the mind."


Rahob Rinpoche



For further information, accommodation and registration details, please contact Rahob


Telephone: (518) 658-8811


E-mail: Rahob@hotmail.com





 Rahob Dharma Center

18 Hewitt Road

Petersburg, NY 12138

April (3rd Saturday)

Comparable Religions

Incorporate Religious knowledgeable techniques into your daily lives as taught by ancient/contemporary religions, and spiritual/agnostic leaders. Learn how to working out problems that comes to you on a daily basis. Rinpoche welcomes all to come regardless of faith, experience or age.


May (3rd Saturday)

Developing Bodhicitta“The Enlightened Mind”

Wisdom, this is where thoughts, actions, feelings and speech need developments. Rahob Rinpoche explains how to develop Bodhicitta and Bodhisattva Path. Come, enjoy and be part of the teachings with a living Bodhisattva.


June (3rd Saturday)
Tibetan Culture “ Sakadawa” 

Listen to an inspiring talk by Rahob Rinpoche concerning his people, offerings to the environment and a live Tibetan music concert. There will be baked good, Tibetan lunch, Tibetan crafts, plants and flowers for sale with proceeds going for the Rahob Library project


July  (3rd Saturday)
Four Folded Path

Experience Rinpoche’s natural approach and discussion about Lord Buddha’s first teachings as we enjoy a picnic outside under the Pine trees at Rahob Forest Temple.


August (3rd Saturday)
Four Mindfulness 

Rahob Rinpoche talks about the difference between mindfulness at a physical energy level when exercising and the mindfulness at the mental level when meditating.


September (3rd Saturday)
Three-folded Path  “Do good, Avoid Evil, Purify the Mind”

All of Buddha’s teachings are summed up to these three points. Rinpoche gives you the base to build all aspects of development towards wisdom and clear light of emptiness.


October (3rd Saturday)

Compassion or Love “Tonglin”

Stabilize, deepen your meditation practice, and work with issues that arise, whether physical or emotional. Learn how to move beyond self-improvement to societal transformation.


November (3rd Saturday)

Protection Blessings 

Whether you believe in protection by angles, spirit guides, ancestors, deities, gods or those from duel universes, give thanks, offerings and realization to their protection. Rahob Rinpoche will give a talk on the subject, an offering ceremony and blessings for protection.


December (3rd Saturday)

The Nature of the Mind

Rinpoche’s clear direct teaching aims at describing the highly effective procedures for understanding the nature of the mind, the aim of which is to bring transformation of one's consciousness into the state of healing stress, fears, doubts and clarification for a new year.