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Questioner: Which is more important -- deeds or wisdom?
Rinpoche: Pure Wisdom is the realization that all beings are fundamentally free from the two extremes and all phenomena have no actual existence. Pure deeds are the effects of good and bad actions in this relative existence. Unify pure deed and pure wisdom for perfect work for oneself and others.

Questioner: How should I practice the dharma?
Rinpoche: Renounce attraction to this life's habitual thoughts so that you will no longer by distracted by gain and loss, fame or disgrace, praise or blame, pleasure or pain.

Questioner: How can meditation bring peace and harmony?
Rinpoche: Meditation is the method for subduing the wandering mind.

Questioner: Why does one need patience to protect against evil?
Rinpoche: Patience is the armor against harsh piercing speech. Patience is the stronges restraint against tormenting passions. Patience is the enemy of hatred.

Questioner: Can we obtain instant insight?
Rinpoche: Insight grows like the waxing moon. Insight is a silent wave that is always present.

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