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   First Weekend in May & Oct, 2005






Purifying the Mind, Stress Release, and Healings.

The Petersburg Rahob Dharma Center holds a special retreat for members and their guest twice a year. New members are welcome to attend. The workshop is aimed at helping each participant develop their understanding of the nature of the mind.

The focus of the workshop is on how to work with the methods of meditation and the guidance for each individual’s needs, as well as, how to make offerings to the natural environment for purification and to enhance the elements of healings.


Rinpoche stresses that meditation is open to all religions, all levels of understanding, and for all ages. Rahob Rinpoche conducts the teachings and practice personally. Rahob Rinpoche is the Head Lama of Rahob Monastery in Tibetan China and the founder of Rahob Development Project, Inc. 501 C-3 non-profit organization in America. leads teachings, practices and interviews.


Rahob Dharma Center, NY is located at the Three-State-Corner of NY, VT & MA.


Pick up schedule information at the front table, look at the workshop aid list, apply for a Saturday interview availability time, receive the workshop books and submit questions for the general question/answer session

Saturday's workshop is based recitations for clarifying the thought and the practice of sitting, walking, and visualization meditation.                               Sunday workshop is based on purification and blessings. There are prayers and tsok offerings given to the environment and the practitioners.

They are held at the Pine Forest Temple, in the Meditation Hall, and on the Rahob Middle Path near the Little Hoosick River landing.

Doors open at 9:30 on Saturday and Sunday. Arrive early for a light breakfast, receive information and to settle  before the 10:00am teachings.

Limited scholarships are available – Prior registration needed.
Special vegetarian meals and refreshments offered Apply early.

The Rahob Dharma Center is easy to find. Hewitt Road is the first left going south on Route 22 from the junction of Rte. 2 and Rte. 22 in Petersburg, NY. Rahob Dharma Center is 10 miles from Bennington, VT and Williamstown, MA; 20 miles from Albany, NY and Great Barrington, MA.

Accommodations are available nearby at reasonable rates
The Hoosick Bed & Breakfast, Rte. 7, Hoosick, NY
Contact John and Marie Recco at 1-888-86-5875
The Grafton Inn, Rte. 2, Grafton, NY
Contact Elsie and Ken at 518-279-9489

For more information, E-mail: Rahob@hotmail.com
or phone the Dharma Center at (518) 658-8811.

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